Monday, July 24, 2006

A Little Discretion Ozzie

For the second time this season, Ozzie Guillen threw a hissy fit after a White Sox pitcher failed to retaliate after a White Sox player was hit by Texas pitcher Vincente Padilla. Guillen said the following after the game, "[Jon Garland] just missed it, and I expect next time to do a better job." While I have no problem with a White Sox pitcher retaliating after a White Sox player gets hit, Ozzie has to show some discretion. Yell at Garland in the clubhouse behind closed doors. Don't chew him out in the dugout and then tell the media that you're pissed off that your pitcher didn't retaliate because that only leads to fines and suspensions. And frankly, as lousy as the Sox are playing right now, they cannot afford to have Guillen missing games to suspensions.