Sunday, July 02, 2006

Never a Smart Idea

While it is possible to eat and drive and talk on your cell phone and drive, I doubt the following activities are possible while driving:
While the Timberwolves were introducing their 2006 draft picks at Target Center on Thursday, current center Eddie Griffin was served with a civil suit accusing him of crashing his SUV into a parked car because he was drunk and watching a pornographic DVD...

....The complaint, filed in St. Paul District Court, alleges the crash occurred because he was "under the influence of alcohol" and masturbating while watching pornography on a TV set in his dashboard.
My immediate reaction to this is what the hell was Eddie Griffin thinking? I mean it's bad enough that he was driving after he had a few drinks, but also masturbating. Jeez. I think the only way he would have been more distracted was if he was trying to work a bunch of cooking appliances in his car like Homer Simpson did in one Simpsons episode. Not to mention, can't something like that wait? I mean Eddie Griffin couldn't have been more than 15-20 minutes away from his house. Couldn't he have waited until he got home before he took care of umm... his needs?