Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sox Bats Supply Punch, Cubs Supply Punches

That headline above is probably my favorite newspaper sports headline that I've seen in a long while. Outside of the Sox winning a championship, nothing makes me happier than to see the Sox succeed and the Cubs suffer. Needless to say, I've been a very happy man the past couple of days and my happiest moment occurred in the second inning yesterday after A.J. Pierzynski ran over Michael Barrett, empathetically slapped the plate, bumped into Barrett, who then connected on a right hook to A.J's face, barely fazing A.J. and started a bench clearing brawl (video below). While a lot of people are saying that A.J. deserved it (here and here), I think that punch was just Barrett's frustration with the Cubs season boiling over. The Cubs are in fourth place and the way they're playing right now, they could easily be in last place within a week. The Cubs are dead last in the National League in most offensive categories. Other than Zambrano and Maddux, their starting pitching has been a mess. That punch showed, "Hey we suck ass. We can't win any games. Let's see if we can at least win a fight." Unfortunately for the Cubs, that fight just screwed them over even more. Barrett is one of the few guys actually hitting and now the Cubs are likely going to be without him for 5 to 10 games and in Barrett's place will be the light hitting Henry Blanco. So the losses should continue to pile up for the Cubs and I look forward to many happy days ahead.