Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Media Quick Hits

Two quick media tidbits I'd like to discuss. First, Acton Gordon, the Editor-in-chief of the Daily Illini, the student newspaper at the University of Illinois, has been officially fired for running the conversational Mohammad cartoons that sparked protests and riots by Muslims in several countries. It's good to see one of my hometown schools keeping up the recent proud college tradition of interpreting free speech to mean speech that is not offensive to anybody.

In other media news, Mike Wallace is retiring after nearly 40 years at 60 Minutes . Wallace is certainly a news legend; however, it's about time that he hung it up. I saw him speak at Notre Dame a few years ago and the man was barely aware where he was at though he was aware enough to take some verbal shots at Lowell Bergman. If you don't know who Lowell Bergman is, then you haven't seen this movie. And if you have seen this movie, you know why Mike Wallace hates Lowell Bergman's guts even if Wallace is bordering on Alzheimer's.