Monday, March 13, 2006

RIP Tony Almeida

First President Palmer, now Tony Almeida. I'm at a loss of words at the sudden passing of Tony. Let's us remember the good times with Tony. This is courtesy of
Jack and his girlfriend Audrey Raines are trapped in the offices of Felsted Security, and are surrounded by armed goons. Jack realizes that CTU has been compromised if these goons knew their location, and that he cannot call CTU for backup. He tells Audrey that he will instead call "the only person [he] can trust right now." As they hide in an empty room, Jack makes his call. About 8 minutes later, Jack and Audrey are both completely out of ammunition after a firefight against several goons and are sitting ducks for the two remaining armed goons, when out of nowhere, in the nick of time, Almeida appears and shoots both men, complete with cinematography that is a MASSIVE tribute to when Tony saved Teri by shooting the Drazen assassin in Season 1. AT LAST, ALMEIDA HAS RISEN. This is truly the most amazing, most unbelievable return of any character to this series. This surpasses even Chappelle's comeback of Season 2 or Nina's comeback of Season 3. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE and once again confirms that TONY ALMEIDA IS GOD. Jack, Audrey and Tony rush out of the building to the safety of Tony's waiting vehicle.

So long Tony. You'll be missed.