Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No Wonder Syracuse is 1-8

This is what Syracuse coach Greg Robinson had to say about Brady Quinn:

He was in a good system of offense for the last two years. Tyrone's a good quarterback coach. Charlie has been able to take him to the next level. I don't think that this is just something that happened overnight. This was a great player coming out of high school. I just think that he's grown more and more comfortable. The things that Charlie does aren't that much different from the things that Tyrone was doing, in some ways.

Yes, that good system of offense last year that finished 81st in the country in total offense. But hey when you're the coach of a team that is currently 114th in the country in total offense, 81st looks pretty damn good. Not to mention, to simply say that Quinn has taken it to the "next level" is a bit of an understatement. Here's Quinn stats from last year (which by the way was his second year as a starter): 54.1% Completion Percentage, 2586 Passing Yards, 17 Touchdowns & 10 Interceptions. Here's Quinn's stats this year after just 9 games: 65.8% Completion Percentage, 2931 Passing Yards, 27 Touchdowns & 5 Interceptions. That's a whole lot more than taking it to the "next level", those stats tell the story of a completely different quarterback this year. Sure, Quinn has always had the talent, but no one has been able to harness it until this year. If Greg Robinson thinks that Quinn would be putting up similar numbers if Ty was still the coach, then he's a whole lot dumber than I thought.