Friday, November 11, 2005

Fiscal Responsibility Is Way Overrated

The House Republicans missed out on a golden opportunity to restore some kind of fiscal sanity to the budget when it pulled a bill that would cut the budget by $54 billion on Thursday. The bill was pulled after it became clear that it did not have the support of the moderate Republicans. Unless I'm living in some bizarro alternate universe, I fail to see how spending billions on month in Iraq, spending billions to rebuild the Gulf Coast, paying for the new Medicare entitlements, spending $200 million to build a bridge in a remote part of Alaska, making the Bush tax cuts permanent and spending billions more in other government spending obligations can be sustained for the long-term, much less for the short-term. If I budgeted my money like the government does, I would have declared bankruptcy 5 times already. It's times like these that makes me wonder why I'm a registered Republican.