Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Much has been made about Jason Whitlock's column that accuses Notre Dame of being racist for giving Charlie Weis a 10-year contract extension and not Tyrone Willingham. I happened to read Whitlock's column yesterday and I yawned. Sure his column is horribly argued, but it didn't get me worked up into a lather. Why you ask? Because Jason Whitlock much like the Jay Marrottis and the Dennis Dodds of the world write columns to get people's attention and not to write something that is thought-out and well-reasoned. We are in a sound-bite age and many columnists like Whitlock feel that if they're not controversial, then they're not good columnists. Whitlock wanted to piss off Notre Dame fans. That was the sole purpose of his article because he certainly didn't try too hard to prove his thesis. And based on the reaction I've seen on various Notre Dame websites, he was quite successful in his goal. The Whitlocks and the Marrottis of the world are nothing but a fart in the wind, and you should treat them as such.