Friday, September 22, 2006

Michigan State Prediction

Let's see if I can get my predictions on track. I've been off the past couple of weeks (though one prediction I was glad to be off on). Saturday night's game against Michigan State will show all of the media assclowns of the world that Charlie Weis is not Ty Willingham. Notre Dame is going to come out sharp offensively and defensively looking to avenge for last year's loss and last week's embarrassing performance. I expect big games from Brady Quinn, Darius Walker, Rhema McKnight and Jeff Smardzija. If Notre Dame does not put up at least 40 points, I will be very surprised.

Michigan State always plays this game as their Super Bowl, so this game should remain close for a while, but Notre Dame's talent and conditioning will take over in the 4th quarter and Notre Dame pulls away. Notre Dame 41 Michigan State 28