Thursday, August 10, 2006

Is There Anything Worse Than Being the Catcher for the New York Mets

Back when Mike Piazza was the catcher for the Mets, he became fodder for the New York City tabloids when there were whispers about his sexuality. Now his replacement, Paul Lo Duca, has become fodder for the tabloids when it was discovered that his wife, a (Warning: Link NSFW) former Playboy Playmate and star of Lusty Latin Ladies is filing for divorce after she found out that Lo Duca was cheating on her. The NY Post who has been tracking this vital story since Day One revealed yesterday and discussed further today who Lo Duca was having an affair with and it's a 19 year-old former college student named Krista Guterman. The Post's story today on this new development is priceless:
Paul Lo Duca's sexy Playboy-model wife ran right to her lawyer yesterday morning after reading The Post and learning about her hubby's luscious teenage para mour - whom acquaintances described as a serial man stealer....

People who knew Guterman before she dropped out of the state school described her as the kind of person who would have loved to boast of her new catch. She also gained a reputation - and a lot of enemies - for allegedly stealing other girls' boyfriends before meeting Lo Duca.

"She went and tried to be with my boyfriend," said Tara Feuerstein, 20, who was the president of a sorority where Guterman had sought membership. "I don't know if she was interested in him seriously, or just wanted everything I had. She was also with three other guys at the time."

Feuerstein said she even witnessed Guterman's wild exhibitionism at a party earlier this year. "She was having sex with this guy and the door was open," Feuerstein said.

She and others greeted Guterman's involvement in the Lo Duca divorce scandal with undisguised glee as they told of her past alleged dalliances.

"We're doing this because she needs to be stopped in her tracks," said Emily Williams, 19, a former friend who claims she witnessed Guterman dating the beau of one of her friends. "She can't just keep trying to take other people's boyfriends."

Affairs, man-stealing and back-stabbing female friends. Man, I think the only way this story gets better is if Maurice Clarett and his four guns, hatchet, bulletproof vest and half drank bottle vodka are somehow involved. I have to say this though, if you're going to cheat on your wife or significant other (let me point out that I'm not condoning infidelity in any way), you better be having an affair with someone more attractive than your current significant other. Sadly, Mr. Lo Duca failed miserably in that respect. Here's a pic of Lo Duca and Guterman:

It appears Mr. Lo Duca traded his Porsche 911 in for a Ford Tempo. For shame. For shame.