Thursday, June 22, 2006

What Will Ozzie Say Next?

I've been stuck in LA for almost three weeks now and working 80 hour weeks, so I haven't found a whole lot time to follow my beloved White Sox, but I did see today that Sox's manager Ozzie Guillen has been very prominent in the Chicago papers the last few days as he said that Houston manager Phil Gartner refused to shake hands with him at the World Series and treated him "like some crazy Venezuelan" prompting a war of words between himself and Gartner; he got in a beanball war with the Cardinals a couple of nights ago, and he referred to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Marrotti as a "fag". I'd like to spend a moment on his comments of Jay Marrotti. While I think the use of the word fag is totally inappropriate unless you're English and you're talking about a cigarette. There are many other appropriate words to call Jay Marrotti such as idiot, douche bag, moron, asshole or to use the words of Ozzie Guillen in his "apology" for his comments, "a piece of garbage".

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Stuck in LA

I apologize for the complete lack of posts for the past two weeks, but working 80 hour weeks out in Los Angeles do not allow for a whole lot of free time. I have to say that LA is one strange place. No one drives above 65 on the highway. There are traffic jams on a Sunday morning. You can see the air. It seems like most people here smoke pot. Not to mention, there are tons of weird celebrities including some who like to climb trees to join protesters who don't want to leave an urban farm they've been evicted from. On the positive side, you can't beat the 80 degree mostly sunny days.