Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What Did the White House Know and When Did They Know It?

I have to say, I have been amused by the breathless coverage of Dick Cheney's hunting accident, seeing headlines like this and this. You would have thought that he crashed his car in a body of water and then left his companion in the car while he fled the scene. Hunting accidents happen every day and the last time I checked, accidentally shooting someone is not a criminal offense. And trying to equate not hearing about a hunting accident involving the vice-president for 15-20 hours to Watergate or Chappaqquidick is down right laughable. MSM, save your rage for Congress' inability to have some semblance of a budget or the struggles in Iraq or the world community's inability to deal with the Iran problem or health care in this country becoming increasingly unaffordable, not whether the Vice-President instantly tells the media that he accidentally shot someone while hunting. Focus on, you know, issues that actually matter.