Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Clarett & Associates, Inc.

We here at Clarett & Associates, Inc. know what your valuables are really worth. Sure, most appraisers will tell you that your 12-pack of Bic Pens is worth at most $1.99 and that you can find it for less at your local Office Max, but Clarett & Associates, Inc. believes those appraisers are trying to rip you off! That 12-pack of Bic Pens is worth at least $40-$50. We here at Clarett & Associates, Inc. will work hard to get you the money you deserve!

If you don't believe us, just listen to some of our satisfied customers, Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk and Ohio State center Nick Mangold: "Most appraisers were telling us that our copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Halo II, and NCAA Football 2006 were worth at most $150, but Clarett & Associates, Inc. told us that our games were worth at least $750. It was such a relief to know what our games were really worth when the games were stolen out of our apartment, and we had to report to the police what our games were worth. The next time we need some of our valuables appraised, we're going back to Clarett & Associates, Inc."

Clarett & Associates, Inc.: Your valuables are worth more than you think.

I'm not the only one having some fun with the apartment burglary of two Ohio State football players, The House Rock Built, has a much funnier take on the situation. Who knew that burglaries could be so funny.