Sunday, December 04, 2005

Good vs. Evil

After Virginia Tech's and LSU's loss yesterday, it was basically a forgone conclusion that Notre Dame would face Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. This forgone conclusion was made official today. This game represents good versus evil. On the good side you have Notre Dame, coached by Charlie Weis, who not only expects excellence on the field, but also off-field (see the Powers-Neal situation this year) and in the classroom. Notre Dame also has some of the classiest fans around, who usually don't welcome visiting fans with F*&% (Insert school's name). On the evil side you have Ohio State, coached by Jim Tressell, who thinks the NCAA bylaws are mere suggestions and that a college education is way overrated. Ohio State is also home to some of the most classless fans in the country, who think being welcoming means getting shit-faced and shouting obscenities at an opposing team's fans. If you need any more proof of the evilness of Ohio State, check out this post at Kelly Green. So not only must Notre Dame end its 12 year bowl drought on January 2nd, it must also overcome evil.

Update: Irish Round Table provides a survival guide for your trip to the Fiesta Bowl.