Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ESPN Sucks

One of my favorite college football blogs, Every Day Should Be Saturday, has a brilliant post titled, 52 Reasons Why ESPN/ABC/Disney Sucks. For someone (like myself) who cannot stand Chris Berman or Stephen A. Smith or Stuart Scott or sports becoming more about entertainment and less about the game, this post is a must read. I agreed with 51 of the 52 reasons they listed. The one I did not agree with was this:
35. Lou Holtz. You have a speech defect, and should not make a living talking on television. Oh, and you're a cheater. Would be entertaining only if they made him speak from behind his own salad bar shield; we're guessing it would look like those shots of cobras striking at people behind plexiglass in zoos, with spit flying in gobs all over the surface.
No one disses my boy Lou. He is the voice of reason on the College Football Scoreboard show and he makes the unbearable Mark May look like a complete moron. So Lou didn't have a firm grip on the South Carolina program. It happens when you're almost 70 like Lou. I mean how can you hate this man:
He looks like everyone's favorite grandpa. Not to mention, he's the last coach to win a National Championship at Notre Dame. That alone should win you over.