Tuesday, August 30, 2005

More on Katrina

New Orleans is on the verge of becoming a total ghost town, as New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin announced that the remaining people in town will be evacuated and that "[t]he city will not be functional for two to three months." Residents who took refuge at the Superdome are now being bused to the Astrodome in Houston, some 350 miles away. Looting is continuing to get worse even though the floodwaters are turning into "a reddish-brown soup of sewage, gasoline and garbage" and remains 20 feet high in some places. I hope the looters like those new pairs of jeans or that new gold watch when they come down with a case of cholera.

Despite this unimaginable human misery going on not only in New Orleans, but also other parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, there is one piece of good news developing and that is Americans are opening their wallets to help hurricane victims. It's good to see that many Americans still care greatly about their fellow man.