Thursday, August 11, 2005

Idiot Part II/Darwin Award Winner

Jumping from the upper deck of a baseball stadium. Dumb. Playing video games for 49 consecutive hours. Even dumber:
A 28-year-old man died of an apparent heart attack after playing computer games nonstop for 49 hours in an Internet cafe, police said.

The man, identified only by his last name, Lee, collapsed Friday after having eaten minimally and not sleeping. He had refused to leave his keyboard while he played the battle simulation game Starcraft, police said.
I love playing Madden or Grand Theft Auto, but I could not see myself playing for more than six hours straight. I mean after a couple of hours of playing my eyes begin to glaze over. I frankly have no idea how this man was able to play 24 consecutive hours, let alone 49 hours unless he was snorting lines of cocaine every few hours. Again this common sense. You don't eat raw meat that's been sitting in the sun. You don't punch a pitbull in the face. You don't jump from the upper deck of a baseball stadium. You don't play video games for 49 straight hours...unless you're trying to become a Darwin Award winner.