Thursday, June 02, 2005

The New QB Coach

Yesterday the Irish were dealt a big blow when David Cutcliffe had to step down as the QB coach due to lingering health problems from a heart attack he suffered a few months ago. Cutcliffe was one of Weis's biggest coaching staff coups, as he not only has substantial experience as a college head coach and a college offensive coordinator, but he is also regarded as quarterback guru with Peyton Manning and Eli Manning as two of his prized pupils. It's unfortunate that Irish fans won't be able to see Cutcliffe work his magic with Brady Quinn. I'd like to wish Coach Cutcliffe a speedy recovery. While the loss of Cutcliffe hurts, it was not unexpected by Weis, who allegedly already has a replacement lined up in Pete Vaas. I'm not too familiar with Vaas, though, he was the Notre Dame QB coach in 1991 and Rick Mirer was not too shabby that year. Vaas at a minimum should be a pretty good recruiter as he moonlights as a motivational speaker (hat tip: Irish Condo).

Update: It's official.

Update 2: Blue-Gray Sky has a nice round-up of Vaas's coaching resume.