Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It's Too Bad that I'm not 6'2" and I Can't Run a 4.4 40

Then I would get to watch training videos like this for my "job":
[49ers public relations director Kirk] Reynolds opens the film sitting behind the mayor's desk, then goes to Chinatown, where a 49ers team consultant uses racial slurs about the Chinese community. Next comes a topless, lesbian wedding filmed at a strip club and officiated by Reynolds, again impersonating the mayor.

"I know the courts say we can't do this," says Reynolds, before the happy couple engages in heavy petting. "We make our own rules here in San Francisco."

Reynolds then goes to SBC Park, where as the "mayor" he throws out the opening pitch, then takes a bribe from the catcher, who thanks him for supporting "hookers and booze."

"You do something controversial, you say something controversial, it will have an impact on this team. So remember, be mindful of your actions," Reynolds says, wearing only a towel before joining three topless blondes for a group hug in a strip club's dressing room. "What you do is not only a reflection of yourself. It's a reflection of the San Francisco

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsome was not amused and called the video "reprehensible". I think Newsome is overreacting. The video was meant to be over-the-top, so the players would actually pay attention to the message of the video that how you behave will determine how you and the team is perceived.