Saturday, March 05, 2005


Notre Dame failed to take advantage of a golden opportunity to solidify an NCAA tournament bid and turned in a stinker performance against Pittsburgh. Yet again, Notre Dame's inside play was PATHETIC. They were outscored 52-16 in paint and Pittsburgh got offensive rebounds whenever they wanted. As I pointed out in my last post about Notre Dame's basketball team, they must get some semblance of inside play if the want to make the tournament and be able to win a game or two. Today's game perfectly illustrated that great three-point shooting can only take you so far. Colin Falls was unconscious in the first half, and then when he cooled off in the second half Notre Dame was toast.

Next up for the Irish is Rutgers in the Big East tournament and this game is a must win for the Irish. A loss and Notre Dame will be NIT-bound. A win and they're in the NCAA tournament. If Notre Dame can beat Rutgers (and there's no reason why they shouldn't), Notre Dame will be anywhere from a 7 to 11 seed depending on how far they go in the Big East tournament. Let's hope Notre Dame's big men can get an offensive rebound or two when the Big East tournament begins on Wednesday.