Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Senator Ted Stevens stated today he will push to have broadcast decency standards apply to cable television and satellite radio. According to Senator Stevens, "I think we have the same power to deal with cable as over-the-air broadcasters." Yes, lets expand the arbitrariness of the FCC. Bono saying the F-word is not okay, but use of the F-word in Saving Private Ryan is ok.

Even though the FCC has no clue on what is appropriate and what is inappropriate, I understand why there has to be some kind of decency standards on basic TV (e.g., ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.). You can't have little Johnny flipping on any TV and being able to see porn or see someone yelling a bunch of profanity. But this country should not have to revolve all of our television watching and radio listening around children. If you don't want little Johnny to hear Tony Soprano using the F-word or see poop coming out of Cartman's mouth you have three options: don't have cable, lock out objectionable channels or simply change the channel when you believe objectionable material is on. The same goes for satellite radio (though I don't think you can lock out stations). It's not that difficult of a concept. I just wish that Senators like Senator Stevens would realize that the First Amendment still applies in this country.