Monday, February 21, 2005

Where Are the Notre Dame Big Men?

Notre Dame got absolutely manhandled tonight by UConn 88-74. The difference in game was the frontcourt play. Notre Dame was outrebounded 38 to 24 and their frontcourt was outscored 42 to 27. Whenever UConn needed a rebound or a score they got it. Notre Dame's current record is 16-8 with three games remaining. They play UCLA, Rutgers and Pittsburgh (all at home) and are going to need to win two of those three games to seal a NCAA bid. The UCLA and Rutgers games are very winnable games, but they cannot be outrebounded like they were tonight if they hope to win any of the next three games. Granted, UConn has one of the best frontlines in the country, but it looked like the UConn big men were outhustling and more aggressive than Notre Dame's big men, which is inexcusable. Notre Dame may be able to steal some games here and there with lights out three point shooting, but if they want to play consistently, Notre Dame is going to need help up front and they need it fast.