Saturday, March 26, 2005

What a Game

Generally, I have no thoughts on college basketball games that do not involve Notre Dame, but tonight's Illinois-Arizona game is worth discussing. I watched the entire game and with 3 and half minutes to go, Illinois looked dead in the water. They were down 14 and running the Notre Dame offense of standing around and chucking up 3's every possession. Then the 3's starting falling. Then Illinois got some steals. Then all of a sudden with 38 seconds to go, the game was tied. One of the gutiest efforts I have ever seen. It did not seem to matter how much Illinois got down, they refused to quit. I wish Notre Dame's basketball team would show half as much heart as Illinois showed tonight. If I'm an Arizona fan tonight, I am not upset about Illinois being able to come back down 14, but rather that perplexing play they ran at the end of the game. Did Lute Olsen even call a play? Did the players realize they had only 14 seconds left in the game? Worst crunch time coaching ever. But hey I'll get to hear that gravely voice of Bruce Weber for one more week.