Friday, March 18, 2005


Greensboro, North Carolina has temporarily suspended their red light camera program and it is not by choice as this quote explains:

The council decided to suspend the program in light of a recent court decision that -if upheld in the state appellate courts -- could cause the city to lose money on every red-light citation issued. It also could force the city to pay out millions of dollars in revenue from past tickets, money paid to the contractor operating the program.

Rather than watching the potential bill climb with each new ticket, the city had to suspend the program, Councilman Robbie Perkins said.

"We're cutting our losses. That's all we're doing," he said.

The issue arose after a Guilford Superior Court judge ruled last month that Guilford County Schools is entitled to 90 percent of the proceeds from High Point's red-light camera program.

That would have forced High Point to pay $45 to the school system plus between $27 to $35 to the contractor that operates the cameras for every $50 citation. The city would also owe the schools close to $1.5 million in past ticket revenue.

(hat tip: InstaPundit)