Friday, March 11, 2005

Tragedy in an Atlanta Courthouse

Brian Nichols, who was on trial for rape and other charges in Atlanta, overpowered a deputy, stole her gun and shot and killed the judge in his case and the court reporter today. Nichols was then able to escape from the 8TH FLOOR and shot and killed a deputy. Nichols then pistol- whipped an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter and stole his green Honda. Nichols is still at large.

If there is anything good that comes out of this horrible tragedy, it is that it will get other states/jurisdictions aware of the need to have more stringent security at their courthouses. As this New York Times article points out, many jurisdictions do not have adequate security equipment like metal detectors and x-ray machines and lack sufficient manpower to prevent tragedies such as the one today. Let's hope and pray that Nichols is caught quickly and tragedies like this never happen again.