Thursday, October 13, 2005

Can I Do It?

Normally, I don't bore you with details about my life; however, Saturday, I have a tough and interesting challenge. And no it does not involve taking a drink every time I hear the USC fight song (I would be passed out by the end of the first quarter). Instead of starting off my day by grilling some brats and drinking some beers before the game, I will be running my first ever marathon in Baltimore, Maryland. I have been told that the course is similar to the Boston Marathon in terms of hills, so it's possible this could get ugly. After driving back to DC, resting for maybe a couple of hours, and hopefully regaining some feeling in my legs, I will head off to the DC Notre Dame alumni gamewatch at Sine Irish Pub, where I plan on consuming many grain beverages while yelling at the big screen TV. So the question is: Will I make it through the gamewatch without passing out? I'll let you know on Sunday... if I'm still alive.