Sunday, May 22, 2005

Overblown Political Rhetoric of the Week

Courtesy of my "representative" Congressman Eleanor Norton Holmes, who said the following after Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison revived a bill that would overturn the ban on handguns in DC, "They're trying to see to it that more children get killed."

Yes Eleanor, Senators are scheming to have children to killed because frankly there's just too many of them right now. It's a lot like when state legislators allow people to hunt deer in order to thin out their population. You really have to wonder if some of these politicians think before they open their mouths.

While I think her rhetoric is vastly overblown, I actually agree with her that Congress's efforts to overturn DC's gun laws is a very bad idea, but for a much different reason. It should be up to the DC City Council alone whether DC changes it changes its gun laws. This is like Congress telling New York how to enforce it gun laws while ignoring how the other 49 states enforces its gun laws. Congress has more important things to worry about than how a city of 750,000 enforces its gun laws.