Friday, May 13, 2005

Follow-Up on Bolton

John Cole has an excellent post on why the nomination of John Bolton does not matter that much for either political party. Here's the power quote:

Anyone who thinks Bolton can go in there and 'shake things up' and actually change anything is fooling themselves and fails to understand that the very nature of the UN is one that the assembly is made up of people who have their own national interests at stakes. They aren't going to roll over because some foul-mouthed (presumably) bully goes in and scolds them...

...Likewise, anyone on the left who thinks that Bolton is going to go in there and ruin the UN hasn't been paying much attention, either. Pardon me if I also think that claims Bolton is going to destroy the UN are a touch, shall we say, overwrought. The UN is flawed, but any changes Bolton might institute will be minor. You want to change the UN- tell Congress. They pay the damned bills.

Hat tip: Instapundit