Monday, April 18, 2005

Never Underestimate the Stupidity of Others

Back in the day I used to work at Best Buy. I know from experience that Best Buy does not have the best and the brightest working their stores, but little did I know that at some Best Buy stores they employ the brain dead. A Baltimore County man, Mike Bolesta, was told that the installation of his son's CD player for his car would be free after the CD player they bought in the store did not fit in the car. Bolesta, however, was called the next day by Best Buy that if he did not pay the $114 installation fee, they would call the police. Bolesta, in protest, went to the store and paid the $114 fee with 57 $2 bills. The cashier refused to accept the bills, believing that the currency was fake. After much haggling, the cashier took the bills. Unfortunately for Bolesta, he was not home free, as the police arrived to arrest him before he left the store. The police contacted the Secret Service, who, unlike this Best Buy employee had a few neurons firing and confirmed the authenticity of the $2 bills. Bolesta was released after spending 3 hours in jail. If I were him, I would pursuing some form of legal action.