Sunday, October 02, 2005

Purdue Quick Hits

I think Bob Kravitz of IndyStar sums up last night's game best:

Weis was playing chess Saturday night, and Tiller was playing Candyland.

On that note, instead of doing my usual post-game wrap-up looking at the positives and negatives of the game, I thought I'd share my three favorite moments from last night's game.

1) Jeff Samardzija's one-handed diving catch.

2) The look on Purdue defensive coordinator Brock Sprock's face after Darius Walker's touchdown.

3) Bob Davie's comment in the third quarter, "If Charlie Weis is holding a coaching clinic, I'm going to go." Ah Bob, how I am so happy neither you or Ty is the head coach.

Bring on USC!!!